Seamstress School

The IDT Tech School, located at the mission base in Las Misiones, offers occupational education and discipleship for young men and women who would otherwise have no other option but to spend their entire lives searching for work in the fields because of a lack of basic education. Without much hope for a bright future,

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The Teacher

Julia Vea and Johanne Manzano willingly take the time out of there busy lives to teach women around our community to be better seamstresses. 

The Needs

This class could use the following:

  • Sewing machines 
  • Fabric of any kind 
  • Needles, for hand sewing and machines 
  • Thread 
  • Elastic
  • Buttons 
  • Zippers 
  • Material Scissors 
  • Fabric chalk 
  • Measuring Tapes 
  • Pins 


Johanne Manzano (616) 107-0760

Julia Vea