Lorne Welwood

Lorne Welwood lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada with his wife, Ann and, at any given time, a grandchild returning to Canada from Mexico to pursue studies. When their daughter, Charmy Unger, with her husband, Stan and 6 of their 12 grandchildren moved to Baja California with IDT in 2003, Lorne and Ann began to make visits to the area. They got to know the leaders and missionaries of IDT, many of whom were Canadians, and learned how difficult it was for their Canadian supporters to get financial support to them because of the Canadian laws. Being a lawyer and one who has served on various ministry boards, Lorne undertook to get International Disciple Training Canada Ministries incorporated and approved as a charity in Canada in 2007.

 Since that time Lorne has served on the Board of IDT Canada and handles the collection and depositing of Canadian donations, keeps government filings in order and so on.

 But Lorne and Ann's involvement goes way beyond the "tasks." They have grown to love the Mexican people and all those involved with IDT over the years. When not with us during their frequent visits to IDT and their family in Mexico they are with us in Mexico in spirit through their constant pray coverage for the people and ministries here.