International Disciple Training, Inc. (IDT) 


International Disciple Training, Inc. (IDT) was founded in 1984 by Pastor Rance Cook, based on the scriptures of Isaiah 58:6-9, it has always been our purpose to share God's love through practical and tangible ways.

Today IDT is headed up by Daniel and Tani Mata. We warmly invite you, your families, churches and groups to partner with us in making a difference in the lives of the families of the San Quintin Valley in Baja California by pouring out the Love of Christ that has been spread abroad in your hearts


A note about our new Website:

Hi Friends and Family,
We Lost our old website, domain, blog, most of the content and all our previous hard work done by some really great friends and IDT family to get that going. So we're starting new! New site, new web domain with new ministry email addresses and new Blog! It's going to be under Construction for a couple weeks so bear with us please! BUT we are working hard to get it all up and running. In the meantime please feel free to contact us for any information you can't find on our site at There are a lot of new and exciting changes and developments going on here at IDT right now so stay tuned for our newsletter to find out all about it! You can subscribe to our email list by clicking here. But don't wait for our newsletter, you can like our Facebook page now to keep up with our day to day triumphs and challenges. So check out our new website and hey, we'd really appreciate any feedback if you find any glitches or embarrassing typos! Friends don't let friends misspell!
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