Though we have missionaries to various parts of the world, our main concentration and headquarters is about 200 miles south of the southern California border in San Quíntin, Baja California, Mexico.

IDT Mexico

Our first base was built in 1995, in what is now called Las Misiones. A geodesic dome kit was donated to us and assembled by our missionaries. over the years we grew and expanded to a new base nearby in Ejido Zarahemla, for 20 years our base in Zarahemla was home to many of our missionaries and the center of our activities and fellowship along with housing hundreds groups yearly on short term missions trips. Because housing and hosting these groups became a full time job, eventually Pastor Rance made the decision to decentralize our activities to allow us to refocus on evangelism and discipleship. In 2015 the IDT Zarahemla base was given over to long time IDT missionary Bill Sopher who continues to run the house-build ministry and host visiting groups as he had been doing for many years; only now under the name of Heart for all Nations. The main IDT activities were moved back to our dome mission site which has been operating as a community center for many years. Heart and IDT are intertwined in an inseparable bond of brotherhood and partnership to such a point that it is often difficult to describe where one ends and the other begins.